Full steam ahead.

In this sinister Netflix film set in 1905, a drifter is on a dangerous mission to rescue his kidnapped sister but ends up tangling with a religious cult on an isolated island.

Despite its short life on screen we went all in creating a photo real 19th century full CG train that made a powerful first impression and held up at the unforgiving 4K resolution.

Our asset lead us into the intense first scenes of this story. See the full breakdown below.


Dupe Artists

  • Jonathan Harris: Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Rachel Webb: Producer

  • Inês Boneca: Digital Compositor

  • Dan Newlands: 3D Generalist

  • Clément Poulain: Pipeline / 3D Generalist

  • Rupert Thorpe: Lead 3D Generalist

  • Jonathan Wannyn: 3D Generalist