Success isn’t just about how much money you make – or how many hours you work. It’s also about how you treat people, and the environment. What you put back into the world. That’s why we’re on a journey to gain our B Corporation certification. We believe in sticking to the highest standards of social purpose as outlined by B Lab: a non-profit organisation changing how the world does business. It means our business is a force for good.

The journey to become a B-Corp involves many steps and self assessments within our the company. One key defining moment in the beginning of the journey is when we change our legal documents, the Articles of association, to adhere to B-lap’s first request to begin the journey.

Some of the key targets for a B corp involve tracking and measuring these areas of our business.

  • Diversity in the workplace

  • Curbing our energy consumption

  • Maintaining equal pay

  • Aiming to be Carbon Neautral

  • Staff well-being

  • Corporate governance

  • Community/Local charitable donations


We’ve also joined 1% For The Planet, a movement committed to protecting the Earth’s resources that businesses like ours profit from.
We do this by pledging at least 1% of our turnover before any deductions.

The topic of climate change has always been important to us and now as it intensifies in the public domain with movements like Extinction rebellion and the Global Climate Strike, Dupe is committed to joining the conversation of climate impact for business and helping to make changes in our industry by setting an example.

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Initially inspired by a Bcorp tick box we made contact with the Hackney Winter Night Shelter people around Christmas 2018. We now give a regulare donations towards their work and our staff are scheduled in for a paid work day whilst volunteering in our local community.