Bounty Hunters Season 2.

Bounty Hunters Season 2 picks up immediately where season 1 left off - with antique dealer Barnaby and bounty hunter Nina stranded in the middle of a Mexican desert.

Full of double crosses, fugitives, races against time and Hitler’s only nude painting, this explosive season is sure to keep you on your toes. Take a look at a selection of our splits screens, set extensions and green screen comps below.

Production: Tiger Aspect
Distributed by: Sky One
Producer: Charlie Leech
Director: Will Sinclair

Super Dupers:

  • Exec Producer: Dan Marbrook

  • Producer: Kerstin Kensy

  • Coordinator: Marta Paixão de Cáceres

  • VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Harris

  • Lead Compositors: Inês Boneca, Matt Cameron

  • Digital Compositors: Inês Boneca, Matthieu Sinisi, Yordan Ivanov, Jack Hennigan, Chris Duffy (Fix FX)

  • Pipeline: Clément Poulain