Death In Paradise.

We’re back on the beautiful, fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie for series 8 of Death In Paradise, where a tranquil backdrop is disturbed by a host of troubling murders. Luckily DI Jack Mooney, played by Ardal O'Hanlon, and his team are on hand to solve them.

Hurricanes are all too familiar on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, where Death In Paradise is filmed - which is where dupe vfx come in! Sky replacements were needed where production had to contend with looming storms on set, some of which you can see below. Our 3D team also had fun working creating a CG island set extension (and dreaming of summer holidays at the same time!)

Production: Red Planet Pictures
Distributed by: BBC One
Producer: Natalie Silver
Director: Jermain Julien

Super Dupers:

  • Producer: Dan Marbrook

  • Coordinator: Marta Paixão de Cáceres

  • Lead 3D: Dan Newlands

  • VFX Supervisor: Paddy Eason

  • Lead Compositors: Paddy Eason

  • Digital Compositors: Inês Boneca, Matt Cameron, Matthieu Sinisi, Yordan Ivanov, Jack Hennigan, Andre Dias, Sokratis Synitos, Virag Pazmany, Chris Duffy (Fix FX)

  • Pipeline: Clément Poulain