The Frankenstein Chronicles II

Rainmark Films tasked us with handling the Visual Effects on the second season of this dark TV series for ITV - it was no small undertaking and our team were kept busy with a huge variety of work.

Using a blend of matte-painting and CG we were able immerse ourselves in 1830's London, paying careful attention to accurate geography and existing landmarks. In the breakdown above you can see our hero shot where we portray the difference between the slums of Pye St where the story unfolds, and the affluent backdrop of Westminster Abbey and St John's Church. 

Another key task was creating full CG establishing shots, including parts of the old London docks and various offices around Westminster. 

Our 3D team enjoyed the challenge of creating a 19th century automaton asset which featured throughout the series, complete with close up intricate workings of cogs turning and body parts fixed together with joints. 





ITV Encore & Rainmark Films

Super Dupers
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Harris
VFX Producer: Rachel Webb
Executive Producer: Dan Marbrook
3D Generalists: Dan Newlands, Jonathan Wannyn
Compositing: Ines Boneca, Adriano Mule, Hannah Sornay, Kathrin Schoeftenhuber, George Antonopoulos