Feeling festive with Little Women

Just before Christmas, we were tasked with providing the VFX on a key sequence in episode one of Vanessa Caswill's directed Little Women. The turnaround time was tight and the sequence was pivotal - showing young Amy Marsh falling through thin ice whilst ice skating with her sister. 

Filmed in August in a carpark in Wicklow, Ireland, the on set footage didn't quite capture the sense of danger and trepidation that surrounds this scene - which is where we came in. Over the course of two weeks we added mottled patches of thin ice, cracks forming and chunks of floating ice around the area where Amy falls in, helping to add to the fear and urgency the viewer feels whilst watching this calamity unfold.

In addition to the ice work, we also created a sweeping Massachusetts backdrop to the lake setting with matte-painting and CG trees, and replaced the ice-skates used by all three characters with period CG blades.

This modern retrospective of a timeless classic was perfect for Boxing Day viewing - and we were chuffed to have been a part of its re-telling. 

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Rachel Webb