Outlaw King

David McKenzie back again with Chris Pine takes on the epic story of Robert the Bruce. Once again the English brutes get taught a solid lesson by a resilient scot but this time not without the help of dupe!

Dupe worked together with partners in Scotland - the wonderful, FIX FX, to come together and deliver over 300 shots on this romping Scottish highland showpiece. From trixy cleanup to CG arrows and spears we had a lot of fun putting effort into this piece and it was a pleasure to work with the show VFX supervisor Alex Bicknel.




Sigma Films & Netflix

Production Sigma Films
Distributed by Netflix
Producers David Mackenzie, Gillian Berrie, Richard Brown, Brian Coffey, Steve Golin, Rob Kettlewell, Danny McGrath, Claire Moorsom, Stan Wlodkowski
Director David Mackenzie
DOP Barry Ackroyd

  • Jonathan Harris: Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Matt Cameron: Lead Compositor

  • Inês Boneca: Digital Compositor

  • German Diez: Digital Compositor

  • Matthieu Sinisi: Digital Compositor

  • Yordan Ivanov: Digital Compositor

  • Rodolfo Zani: Digital Compositor

  • Jack Hennigan: Digital Compositor

  • Dan Newlands: 3D Generalist

  • Clément Poulain: Pipeline

  • Rupert Thorpe: Pipeline

  • Dan Marbrook: Producer

  • Marta Paixão de Cáceres: Coordinator