sex education dupe vfx

Sex meets VFX.

That’s our take on Netflix’s hit dramedy, Sex Education. The eight-part series follows the journey of Otis, a teenage virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother and teams up with his high-school classmate to start their own sex advice clinic.

It was no small project. We worked on 300 shots in total – crowd enhancements, text messages, title cards, and sky replacements. Our before and after sliders (below) give you an idea of just how integrated the visual effects were.

The understated setting of this production meant most of our work was invisible – but critical. We enhanced the whole show in subtle ways, tying everything together with beautiful visual effects.

Production: Eleven Films
Distributed: by Netflix
Producer: Jon Jennings
Directors: Ben Taylor, Kate Herron
DOP: Jamie Cairney, Oli Russell

Super Dupers:

  • Exec Producer: Dan Marbrook

  • Producer: Kerstin Kensy:

  • Coordinator: Marta Paixão de Cáceres

  • VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Harris

  • Lead Compositors: Matt Cameron, Paddy Eason

  • Digital Compositors: Ines Boneca, Matthieu Sinisi, Yordan Ivanov, Virág Pázmány, André Dias, Justin Francis-Mcleish, Anna Samuel, Sokratis Synitos, Daniel Long, Jack Hennigan, Fix FX

  • 3D Generalist: Dan Newlands

  • Pipeline: Clément Poulain