sex education dupe vfx

No, it’s my Vagina!

“A teenage virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother teams up with a smart and edgy high school classmate to start their own health clinic.”

Sex, Education and great visual effects. What’s not to like with this show!?

An unexpected 300 shots passed through dupe throughout the autumn and we swashbuckled our way through them without too much drama. Crowd enhancements, text messages, title cards, sky replacements and a host of other invisible effects kept us busy. Take a look below at some of the before and afters and let us know what you think!

Production: Eleven Films
Distributed: by Netflix
Producer: Jon Jennings
Directors: Ben Taylor, Kate Herron
DOP: Jamie Cairney, Oli Russell

Super Dupers:

  • Exec Producer: Dan Marbrook

  • Producer: Kerstin Kensy:

  • Coordinator: Marta Paixão de Cáceres

  • VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Harris

  • Lead Compositors: Matt Cameron, Paddy Eason

  • Digital Compositors: Ines Boneca, Matthieu Sinisi, Yordan Ivanov, Virág Pázmány, André Dias, Justin Francis-Mcleish, Anna Samuel, Sokratis Synitos, Daniel Long, Jack Hennigan, Fix FX

  • 3D Generalist: Dan Newlands

  • Pipeline: Clément Poulain