An island full of psychopaths and murderers… ok not really. It’s only TV!

Created from the novels by award winning crime writer Ann Cleeves, Shetland follows DI Jimmy Perez and his team as they investigate crime within the close knit island community. In this isolated and sometimes inhospitable environment, the team have to rely on a uniquely resourceful style of policing. Set against a hauntingly beautiful landscape, Shetland is based on the best selling books such as Red Bones, Raven Black, Dead Water and Blue Lightning.

Production: ITV for BBC Scotland
Distributed by: BBC One
Producer: Charlotte Walsh
Directors: Gordon Anderson, Isabelle Sieb

Super Dupers:

  • Exec Producer: Dan Marbrook

  • Producer: Kerstin Kensy

  • Coordinator: Marta Paixão de Cáceres

  • VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Harris

  • Lead Compositors: Matt Cameron

  • Digital Compositors: Inês Boneca, Matthieu Sinisi, Yordan Ivanov, Sokratis Synitos, Jack Hennigan, Igor Gama, Chris Duffy and Karolina Szydlowska (Fix FX)

  • Pipeline: Clément Poulain