The Aliens

The Aliens is a British science fiction television series. It is set 40 years after aliens land in the Irish Sea and are reluctantly integrated into British society in the fictional city of Troy. Border guard Lewis Garvey, played by Michael Socha, is caught up in the criminal underbelly of Troy as he learns he is himself half-alien.

Together with Clerkenwell Films, DUPE VFX helped created the world of Troy and the surrounding wall. Our key opening shots help set the scene for this unique world.



Producer: Charlie Leech
Director:Jay Van Tulleken

Channel 4 & Clerkenwell Films

VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Harris
Exec Producer: Dan Marbrook
VFX Producer: Ruth Mckie
3D Artists: Rupert Thorpe, Phil Norman
Compositing: George Antonopolous, Rupert Thorpe, Phil Norman, Michele Palomba