Top Boy

The series chronicling two drug dealers at an East London housing estate will return for a third chapter in 2019 as a Netflix original. The new episodes will pick up as Dushane (Ashley Walters) returns from exile to his home in London to reclaim his throne in the highly lucrative drug market.

Production: SpringHill Entertainment
Distributed by: Netflix
Directors: Ronan Bennett

Super Dupers:

  • Producer: Rachel Webb

  • Coordinator: Amy Baldwin, Marta Paixão de Cáceres

  • Lead Compositors: Matt Cameron

  • Digital Compositors: Michael Celandena, Osman Baloglu, Yordan Ivanov, Virag Pazmany, Lewis Hodd, Jack Hennigan, Ewelina Freuer, Chris Duffy, Inês Boneca

  • Pipeline: Clement Poulain