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Vision, craft and excellence. Sustainably achieved.

We’re passionate about excellence in visual effects and deeply invested in our environment. Believing it’s possible to deliver outstanding VFX sustainably and ethically, we strive to live up to our B-Corp certification.

It’s a challenging goal to achieve at the best of times, but we're ambitious. Excited by the enthusiasm of our peers to find more sustainable ways to work and the keen interest from clients about how we can support their sustainability targets, we’re motivated to inspire change in the industry we love.

The dupe way

Making a difference

We're experts in crafting outstanding Visual Effects for TV and Film. Living by our values, we deliver gorgeous work whilst considering our impact on our team, our clients and environment.

That's why we are focused on working smart, treating people right and doing our best. This starts with conversations about the benefits of clean, transparent data and how a sustainable, ethical and accountable approach can improve performance and output.

Measuring impact

We’re on a mission to prove that it's possible to deliver excellence sustainably. Using data to track and improve our environmental performance, we now offer clients CO2 emissions reports for every project we work on.

Carbon Emissions

Scope 1, 2, 3 Emissions by month in kgCO₂ for the last 4 yrs (2020-2023)

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol offers a global standard for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions by organizations and governments, with a framework organized into three "scopes" that clarify the sources of emissions: Scope 1 covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources, Scope 2 relates to indirect emissions from purchased electricity, and Scope 3 encompasses other indirect emissions from the organization's value chain, including suppliers and customers.

We are now experts in tracking this data with a few to start reducing.

Gender balance total

Gender breakdown

These shows the percentage ratio of gender over the duration of dupe's inception. 5 yrs of employees and freelancers.

A force for good

We are a B Corp. We are part of a group of sustainable and ethical businesses committed to profit with purpose and positive impact.

Passionate about raising standards in the VFX industry, we track and record core data to improve our environmental and social performance. It's a challenge to maintain our commitment but we remain motivated to be a force for good – for our clients, our team, our industry, and our world.

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