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Incredible VFX by incredible people.

We’re building a team of people who share our values and are truly passionate about VFX. Our team are hungry to learn, passionate about their art and ready for any challenge. We couldn't do great work without them. They’re creative problem-solvers, technologists and planet-saving industry-changing crusaders!

Our core team

Join a company on a mission.

We are always looking to find new passionate dupers and grow our team.

All our great work is thanks to the fantastic team we have. Not everyone is super duper but if you think you have what it takes and relate to the skills and mindset to the right then get applying and join a company on a mission.

Join dupe.

Every duper

  • has a creative eye. Whether naturally gifted or trained to perfection we value the artistry and creativity involved in visual effects. A duper practices this art, gathers references and practices the craft to train the creative eye. A duper will make you believe what you see is real.
  • is an excellent communicator. Great communication is essential. It leads to stronger, more sustainable relationships in our team and with clients. We consider it the most important It’s the strongest tool in delivering the best visual effects possible.
  • is ambitious. The sky’s the limit. We look for a passion to innovate, improve and explore what’s new and possible. At dupe you really can roll your sleeves up and be part of change and improvements in how we work.
  • has technical know how. Our standards are high. Superior technical knowledge and a thirst to keep up in our fast changing industry is how we stay at the forefront of what we do.
  • has empathy. A duper can read the room and see a situation from a different perspective. They think and care about the impact their words and actions have.