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We worked again on Netflix’s hit coming of age comedy starring Emma Mackey and Gillian Andserson.


More Sex. More VFX.

Otis and his close friends continue their journey towards conquering their sexual demons and desires for each other. We joined in and conquered all the visual effects challenges that this series has presented.

Hang on! Is there any VFX in Sex Education?

Exactly! We’re really proud of our seamless work throughout the three seasons. Most of which we’ll let you figure out where it is but a big shout out must go out to the team tackling some tricky vehicle green-screens, some more complex crowd extensions and making some fresh looking title cards.

This show comes in and out at such a speed we really needed to be on our toes to maintain the quality whilst delivering over 200 shots per season with a smile on our faces. Luckily we have really strong toes so it wasn’t a problem and the team, listed to the left here, smashed it out the park.

We hope the Netflix audience love this show as much as we do.

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