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Golden Visual Effects with an eighties spin


On 26 November 1983, six armed men broke into the Brink's-Mat security depot, stumbling across gold bullion worth £26m. Years later on the 26th of November 2022 dupe vfx delivered some gold class visual effects for the TV series depicting this British historic event. See below for more on how we seamlessly helped bring this 80's show to life.


Golden Visual Effects for the BBC

tgd_102_073_010_plate_vdm_pr422hq_10b_rec709_230417_3840x2160_v001.01261690 gold_102_073_010_comp_vdm_pr422hq_10b_rec709_230417_3840x2160_v008.01261690
gold_101_041_010_plate_vdm_pr422hq_10b_rec709_230417_3840x2160_v001.01395020 gold_101_041_010_comp_vdm_pr422hq_10b_rec709_230417_3840x2160_v012.01395020
gold_101_032_010_plate_vdm_pr422hq_10b_rec709_230417_3840x2160_v001.00199871 gold_101_032_010_comp_vdm_pr422hq_10b_rec709_230417_3840x2160_v005.00199871